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Starting from scratch


Hi, all! I am quite literally starting from scratch creating an e-comm store, having only ever worked brick and mortar. I have the first few brands I'm trying to soft launch on my site, but have such a wide variety of items in inventory (size and weight being the most problematic factors) that I feel a bit stuck. I have 8,000 items in my inventory currently, and hope to slowly add them to my e-comm as I get a rhythm, but does anyone have any shipping advice to streamline this process? The questions I have (as of right now) would be: is there a way to charge shipping based on total? If they spend between $10-$50, they pay $X, or $51-$75, they pay $Y? Do I have to add dimensions and weights for every. single. item. in my inventory? And if so, how does ShipStation even know what to charge based on that? These feel like such silly, beginner questions that I've been reluctant to ask until now. I just need to know if there is an easier, clear cut way to have my shipping shown to the customer without jumping through 10,000 hoops to get there (and without losing a significant amount of money in the process). I would be so grateful for any insight that can be provided.