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Verify Products


I am looking to be able to verify a single product in shipstation. When i do that it does not save.


For example.


I have print the packing list. Scan the barcode and verify what products I have. If i have 2 out 3 products i want to be able to verify those 2 and have it save for when i come back to fulfill the rest of the order.


Is there any suggestions for this?


Community Manager
Community Manager



Thanks for being part of our community!


Currently, the Scan to Verify feature is designed so that you verify an entire shipment rather than part of one. So, if you verify 2 of 3 items then leave the screen to verify other shipments or perform other tasks, the verified state of items in a shipment you scanned previously is not saved unless all items in the shipment were verified. 


The reason for this is that the Scan to Verify option is meant to verify that you are including all the correct items in a shipment you are currently packing. 


If you are actually only fulfilling part of an order now and the other part later, I recommend you split the items in the order into multiple shipments. Once that is done, you can verify the items in one shipment and fulfill it. The, come back later to verify the items in the other shipment. With this method, the verified state of the items would be saved because you are actually verifying all items in a single shipment at once. 


Take a look at our Split Orders Into Multiple Shipments help article for details on how to use that feature. 


I hope this helps!

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx

New Contributor



I am too looking for a solution to this and Sarah's suggestion can be used as a workaround. I think a "Save verified items for later" would be very beneficial in this case. May the technical team kindly consider adding this feature?


Many thanks