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scale not working on scan and verify

New Contributor

Has anyone noticed lately in the scan and verify after you verify it won't read what the scale has. I tried 2 different computers and 2 different scales.  same issues. Is anyone else having the same issue? It was stated yesterday. Never had any issues for over a year now. I have been reselected the scale every time to have the computer read the info. 



Yes. It started last Saturday for us. I have reported it. The workaround is to uncheck and recheck the tickbox for Use Scale.


By the way, is anyone using a scale that doesn't auto shutoff after 3-minutes? If so , what?

Yes, we just got the onyx scale which does not have the auto-shutoff, and love it!

I had originally ignored that as we are in the UK, and it does not do metric. But I've noticed Shipstation takes weird readings that are not the same as what the M10 scale says. I suspect it takes the imperial weight and converts it, which is not exactly the same as taking the metric weight. So if that is the case, then it might be able to use the Onyx for Metric!


That said I really like that the shutoff keeps the pace going. I think we pack faster without getting distracted because of it.

New Contributor

Clear your cache on your browser. I just did it and it started working again. 

Thank you for this, but sadly it did not work for us. 

New Contributor

We're experiencing the same issue here. Devs said they are working on it, but I've not received any updates. This is really slowing down our shipping team daily.

New Contributor

I'm also having this problem. Have you guys figured out a fix yet?