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very useful Orders Per Page "hack"

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We import thousands of orders at once and ship them on pallets of 220, so I need to process them in batches of 220 (for End of Day forms to match up). Obviously, the "250 per page" view was close to what I needed, but I still had to "select all" and the de-select the bottom 30 orders to get 220 to Add to Batch. Before doing it that way, I contacted SS's customer support to ask if there was a way to get a text field so I could tell it how many orders per page to display. I was told there wasn't a way to do that, and that I should do the method I mentioned above. After processing over 8000 orders this way, I realized there's a simpler solution if you need to see an exact amount of orders per page. Your URL!


If you choose "250 per page" you get this at the end of your url: pageSize=250

Which means you can chage that =250 to whatever number you need to see. In my case I change 250 to 220, hit enter, and there we go! 220 orders per page. I just select all on page 1 and add them to a batch, which then becomes an entire pallet's worth of orders.



Neat hack, just keep in mind SS might pull that out from under you at some point.