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New Contributor
Status: Completed
Please add the ability to copy automation rules just like packing slips can be copied.
New Contributor
The ability to clone automation rules would be very helpful.
Status changed to: Investigating
Occasional Contributor

We would very much like to be able to duplicate, export, and import automation rules. It is extremely tedious to update or create them one at a time using the interface. You can only see the one you're working on, and often have to scroll to see everything. The ability to export to some sort of delimited file, which we can update or add to, then import back in (just like Products) would be a colossal improvement.

Occasional Contributor

5 years later, it still doesn't seem this is possible?


It would be a massive time saver...

Status changed to: Completed

Hello there Community!

I am thrilled to announce that we can now COPY automation rules! From the three dot options at the end of the row of each rule, you will see that COPY is now one of those options! 

Happy shipping!

Occasional Contributor

I just tried this, but it doesn't work as it should.

After copying a rule and updating the "orders match these specific criteria" it changes both rules. What is the point in the copy function if you can't change the criteria independently?

Hey there @jk47


I know this is something that my team is actively looking into! If you are still seeing this behavior and haven't done so yet, please reach out to our support team to make this report so that we can get you linked up to the investigation. This will ensure you're updated upon completion of that resolution.