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  • We’ve improved the Change Subscription flow so you can now change the number of users in the account if you have more users than the new plan allows. You no longer need to go to the User Management screen to do this before changing your plan.


  • We’ve added the Update Shipping Account action to the Bulk Update menu.


  • And you can also now change the billing account to either assign third party or recipient billing in bulk!




  • ShipperHQ: We’ve added an integration with ShipperHQ to our Integration Partners settings. This integration allows you to view an order’s ShippeHQ shipping details directly in ShipStation. This integration currently works with BigCommerce, Magento, and Shopify stores you have connected to ShipStation.


  • Magento 2: ShipStation now supports the ability to import only Child SKUs on Magento orders. With ShipStation plugin version 2.2.7, products with the “Child Only” option selected will import the child SKUs as individual line items and will not import the bundled SKU.
  • has added a new package type called “Non Rectangular Package” for merchants who ship items in tubes. You may want to update any presets or automation rules for orders that require tube shipping.


  • FedEx: FedEx has added a new service called “FedEx International Connect Plus” for US and UK FedEx accounts.
  • UK Accounts
    • DPD: ShipStation now includes the following services with the DPD integration:
      • DPD Two Day - Republic of Ireland (Service code 11)
      • DPD Next Day Expresspak (Service code 32)
      • DPD Classic Expresspak (Service code 39)
    • RoyalMail: Our integration with RoyalMail now includes the “International Business Parcels Bespoke Postal service (DW1)”
  • Australia Accounts: Our merchants in Australia can now specify Suburb in the rate calculator!


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed: The “This shipment requires additional handling” option is now properly sent to the carrier and reflected on the label.
  • Fixed: The Scan to Verify and Scan to Print feature were not selecting the correct service for some users when opening orders in Scan mode.
  • Fixed: When using the Quicksearch option and viewing results in a specific order status, some orders would appear that were not in the selected status. The Quicksearch feature now properly displays only orders in the selected status.
  • Fixed: The Product Total in Order Summary was showing the product total plus tax. Now, the Product Total correctly shows only the product total for the order line items.


  • Fixed: Voided labels were printing with active labels when printed from the Label Queue and the ShipStation account had a default printer selected for label printing in Printing Setup. Voided labels no longer print when printing from the Label Queue.
  • UK Accounts
    • Fixed: Customs declarations were not properly populating on orders shipping from the UK to the Channel Islands. Customs declarations will now populate correctly for Channel Islands orders.
  • Australia Accounts:
    • Fixed: Australia accounts were not showing the correct date when the End of Day page initially loaded. The End of Day page will now display the correct date for closing shipments.
    • Fixed: You can now specify 3-character state codes in your Ship From Location so you can create a FedEx label without an error.



  • GlobalPost shipments now include auto-tracking so you no longer have to click the Update Tracking button to get updated tracking statuses for these shipments.
  • Magento:
    • Order Notes now properly import into ShipStation from Magento
    • Resolved shipment notification error “Shipment can not be created for Order : [order number]” that caused tracking to not update in Magento for shipped orders
    • Magento orders now properly import the HK country code for Hong Kong orders
    • Update to the ShipStation 2.2.7 plug-in on the Magento Marketplace.