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This round of updates and releases focuses on bug fixes, but there are a few new features and integrations we thought you should know about!




ShipStation now logs the date, time, and user that verified a Shipment using the Scan to Verify feature. You can view this data by hovering over the Verified icon in the Scan to Verify column of the Shipments Grid.





  • US regional carrier GLS is now available as a carrier integration for US merchants. 
  • France carrier Delivengo now available as a carrier integration in France.


iOS Mobile App


  • Performance improvements on order details screen, search, and barcode scanning.
  • You can now create a label on an iPad while in full screen mode.
  • The iOS settings screen now displays the currently logged-in username/email.


Bug Fixes


  • Automation Rules will now properly apply the Set Carrier/Service/Package action when set to a or UPS from ShipStation service.
  • We fixed an issue where the Print button was not responsive for some accounts when attempting to print customs forms for international shipments.
  • Labels created using the OpenAPI will now properly appear in the Shipments grid.
  • When moving orders from the On Hold status, those orders now move to the Awaiting Shipment status by default. Previously they were defaulting to Awaiting Payment for accounts using the new layout.
  • We fixed an issue where the Shipsurance link in the Shipments grid was not clickable, preventing some accounts from submitting a Shipsurance claim.
  • You can now export shipments and shipment line items while also applying the Label Printed filter.
  • We fixed an issue where weights were removed from some orders after applying a preset in bulk.
  • We fixed an issue where inventory was not deducted properly when marking an order as shipped that had a non-default ship from location selected.
  • When an order contains two different products but have different units of measure, the total order weight is now properly being converted so the weight for label creation is accurate. 
  • UK accounts: We fixed the error “Customs contents type not set for international order" that occurred when UK accounts tried creating international labels in bulk.
  • Australia accounts: Australia accounts can now add Amazon Fulfillment US.




  • Magento: Orders with a value in the GiftMessage field should now import successfully.
  • DHL Express from ShipStation: We fixed an issue where DHL Express from ShipStation was not appearing as a carrier option even though the account was approved to use it.
  • Australia Post MyPost Business: The company field should now correctly appear on MPB labels.
  • Canada Post: We fixed an issue where a Canada Post label could not be created because of the presence of a phone number extension.
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