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We’ve made several updates to the Scan to Verify experience! 


  • We now log the date, time, and user that verified a shipment, which you can see in the Order Activity (in Order Details).
  • Scan to Verify & Scan to Print now block you from processing orders in the Cancelled, On Hold, and Awaiting Payment statuses (you’ll see a warning message instead).
  • We’ve improved the order display to add more item context when attempting to open a split order.


  • Scan to Verify bug fixes: 
    • Scan to Verify now recognizes the FillSku when that setting is enabled (in Settings > Account > Workflow Settings).
    • Fixed an issue where the multi-package option disappeared when the order weight changed while in Scan to Verify mode.


We’ve also updated the following integrations


  • X-cart orders now import with the company name field for shipping and billing addresses, if present on the order.
  • BigCartel orders now import with the customer phone number, if present on the order.
  • UPS now includes a drop-down that allows you to choose invoice currency when you connect the account the ShipStation. The currency will default to the currency of the account’s home country.
  • We’ve updated our Shipsurance integration (available to US and Canada accounts only). Previously, the Shipsurance integration would not refund the Shipsurance amount on labels voided later than 24 hours after the labels were created. Now, Shipsurance fees will be refunded to your Shipsurance balance when voiding labels within the label’s full void availability window.


Bug Fixes

This round of bug fixes focuses store and carrier integrations!




  • UPS fixes: 
    • We now trim phone numbers that are over 15 characters before requesting the label to ensure successful label creation.
    • For US-based accounts, we resolved a phone number validation issue that was preventing UPS label creation.


  • FedEx fixes for US-based users:
    • FedEx Ground and Home Delivery services now appear in the Rate Calculator. Selecting Residential Address will properly filter the services list, and if you select Ground but verify a residential address, a surcharge warning will display.
    • We’ve also updated FedEx international labels to display the correct Electronic Export Information (EEI) code for orders valuing less than $2500.


  • FedEx fixes for UK users: 
    • We resolved an issue where commercial invoices showed values in USD. It now shows the proper GBP currency designation.
  • Hermes (for our UK users):
    • ShipStation now recognizes the Signature from Household status as Delivered status in ShipStation, so your Hermes shipments will no longer be in perpetual In Transit status even after delivery!
  • Purolator (for our Canada users):
    • The third-party and recipient billing option will now correctly charge the third-party account and not the shippers account.
    • We also corrected an issue where the address listed on the order in ShipStation was not the address sent in the label request to the carrier.
  • Australia Post (for our Australia users, obviously): 
    • The label Ship Date now properly reflects your account’s display time zone and not GMT.
    • A shipment’s confirmation option no longer defaults to Delivery Exception in the Shipments Grid.
    • We resolved the error “the weight provided is either too heavy or exceeds the maximum of 3 decimal places”.
    • We updated the error message for a failed manifesting action to include the order number and shipment tracking ID that triggered the issue. You can then uncheck the order number in the manifest list so you can successfully submit the manifest. 
    • The Net Weight field now properly populates on international CN23/labels.


Selling Channels


  • Ebay (specifically, the new v2 integration) :
    • We’ve added the order link to eBay back into the order details in ShipStation.
    • We’ve fixed an issue where Address Line 2 was not importing for some users.
    • We’ve fixed the notification failure that occurs due to the ship-date time value appearing to be before the order existed in eBay.
  • ChannelAdvisor: 
    • We’ve fixed an issue where the shipment notification failed when the order’s shipment cost was $0.

Android Mobile App Updates


  • Special characters no longer prevent label generation or cause errors in the notes fields
  • The mobile app Insights page will now show the actual dates when choosing a date range filter.
  • We fixed an issue where the mobile app was missing the postage cost subtotal in cost summary screen.
  • Fixed an issue where search parameters were not applying correctly in the mobile Rate Calculator.