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  • Barcode Scan search capabilities have been added to ShipStation’s new layout! Go to the Other Actions menu and choose Barcode Search to open the Barcode Search pop-up, or use the hotkeys Ctrl + Shift + s

    If you used this feature in ShipStation Legacy, the available options are the same.





  • ShipStation’s SMS Tracking Notifications beta is live! Your customers can now opt in to receiving tracking notifications via text message from the Branded Tracking Page.
    This feature will be available to only US users during the beta period. The SMS Tracking Notification setting is available only in the new ShipStation layout, but it will be enabled for Legacy users. If you wish to disable this feature and currently use ShipStation Legacy, click the Try Now button to switch to the new layout and disable the feature.

  • The Aggregate inventory column has been renamed to “Total Available” (available in ShipStation’s new layout only). Click the number in the Total Available column to view a breakdown of stock counts by source. This feature is currently supported when using ShipStation’s Internal inventory, Shopify, and BigCommerce as inventory sources.


  • Orders with a gift tag now show the gift tag at the top of the Order Details screen, above the Order Summary.


  • The USPS Pickups page has been merged with the Carrier Pickups page. You now schedule your carrier pickups all in one place!




  • Our Australia users can now integrate their Australia Post MyPost Business accounts with ShipStation!
  • The DPD integration for our UK users has added the DPD Direct service.


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed: Batches that are missing their customs declarations will trigger an alert instead of causing the batch process to get stuck. 
  • Fixed: The Do not track inventory option was automatically enabled for products created in ShipStation Legacy when migrating to the new layout. This setting is no longer auto-enabled for those products.




  • ChannelAdvisor integration
    • Fixed an issue that was causing shipment notifications to fail with the error “Payment has cleared for this invoice. Shipping cost/tax may not be changed.”
    • Fixed an issue that was miscalculating VATShipping and displaying incorrect order and tax totals.
  • eBay V2 integration: Global Shipping Program orders now import the order reference # into Address Line 1. The domestic sorting facility uses this reference number to forward the package on to its final destination.
  • We’ve fixed the Acumatica marketplace notifications that resulted in the error message "Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined".
  • Australia Post eParcel Post return labels now have improved formatting to prevent any label content from being cut off during printing.
  • The new Magento 2.2.7 plug-in fixes an issue where the marketplace notifications were sent twice, causing double invoicing to the customer.