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  • We’ve updated the USPS zonemap table in the ShipStation database. This will improve the performance of any filters and automation rules that rely on USPS zones. 
  • We’ve updated the Notifications tab in Store Settings to “Emails” to more accurately state what settings are found here and to avoid confusion with the Branding tab when the viewport width condenses the setting text.




  • The Hermes integration now includes the STAY FRESH service (next-day delivery packages).
  • Australia Post MyBusiness accounts can now connect more than one MBP account to ShipStation.



  • ShipStation’s OpenAPI is now fully compatible with the new ShipStation layout!
  • You can now update and modify split shipments using the OpenAPI. The OpenAPI now looks at the Order ID instead of just the Order Key so you can update the split shipments independently.


Bug Fixes


  • You can now select the option to Deduct Inventory when marking as shipped.


  • Third Party account bulk updates now remain saved in the order details of the updated orders. Previously, the orders showed third party billing selected but without saving the account number.
  • Mark as shipped fixes
    • We fixed an issue where orders with a previous shipment record could not then be marked as shipped.
    • You can now bulk mark as shipped orders that also contain a split shipment that has already been shipped.
  • Creating Return labels in ShipStation’s new layout: 
    • You can now select the Create Return button for orders that have been split into multiple shipments.
    • You can now create returns for shipments even if you are not returning all items in the order.
    • You can now scroll through all products on an order in the Create Returns pop-up.
  • Insights pages
    • You can now properly create a report from Insights > Reports > Shipping Manifest when using the “Shipping Account” filter
    • The Product Highlights Insights page now loads successfully for all users. 
  • We fixed an issue where some addresses showed as Verified even when the postal code was incorrect and didn’t match the USPS database.
  • We fixed an issue where some accounts displayed all Awaiting Shipment orders when viewing an open batch instead of just the orders that were added to the batch.
  • We fixed an issue where some users would see the message “You have no product to view” or “Error: There was an error opening product details” when attempting to open the Products grid. The Products in the grid will now load successfully.
  • We fixed an issue where the Custom Line Item Export did not include Warehouse locations for multi-line item orders.


  • Canada Post: We’ve updated the registration URL to the newest format, resolving account registration “bad request” errors.
  • DHL Express Australia, UK, and Canada: Recipient phone numbers have been removed from DHL Express labels for these countries.
  • UPS: We fixed an issue where adding the “Requires additional handling” option did not then update the rate for that shipment.
  • Royal Mail: Customs declarations for Royal Mail shipments now include the field “Postage Cost” on customs forms.
  • DPD: We fixed an issue where the error Missing mandatory field was seen when creating a label for the new DPD Direct service.
  • FedEx UK and Parcelforce shipments now send the correct carrier code back to Amazon with the shipment marketplace notification.
  • Acumatica: We fixed an issue where the error The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error occurred when sending shipment notifications to Acumatica.


  • We’ve fixed an issue where the OpenAPI endpoints return an extra empty page when results are evenly divisible with the page size. This ensures that when you make a GET request for /orders, /shipments, & /fulfillment, we are returning the proper data for the ‘pages’ value. 
  • We fixed an issue where the clickable link in the order number was removed when the OpenAPI updated some eBay orders.