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  • Local Delivery: For Local Delivery labels, we will now display the estimated pickup and delivery times when you configure your shipment details. Also, ShipStation now displays the company name included on any Ship From locations.


  • Adding your account: We modified the error message that appears if a space is accidentally added to your Username when connecting your account to ShipStation. The new message clarifies that the space needs to be removed before your account can be connected, where it previously only stated “Username is Required.”
  • Add Tax ID to Shipment Record: Tax information including tax identifiers, ITN or AES numbers will now display in the "header" part of a shipment’s customs declaration.
  • Void Label Warning: This will prevent you from voiding labels created by a marketplace and imported into ShipStation. ShipStation displays a message as to why the label was not voided and which marketplace.


Bug Fixes


Local Delivery:

  • The Driver Tip field will now appear in both the Orders sidebar and the Order Details for Local Delivery shipments. Previously, a bug prevented this field from appearing in the Order Details.
  • The button to create Local Delivery labels will now say Schedule + Print instead of just “Print” to confirm that you are scheduling a local pickup.



Order Details:

  • If you want to remove a previously-selected shipping service, but are not ready to select a new service, we have fixed a bug so that you can now click the Select Service menu option so that no service is selected.

Rate Browser:



Scan to Verify: 

  • We added a new modal to select another order when you scan a packing slip. This will address the “Incorrect Product” error.  



Shipping Preset: 

    • Fixed an issue where the Ship From location did not properly display in the Edit Preset modal.


  • FedEx: We’ve updated the tracking URLs for FedEx and FedEx International MailService to direct you to the new FedEx tracking pages.
  • Shopify: We will now include the Discount, Shipping Cost, and Requested Shipping Service in the Order Details for Shopify orders.
  • DHL eCommerce: DHL eCommerce now supports one label message. To print a label message on DHL eCommerce labels, use Label Message 3 (located in your Label Document Options)
  • DHL Express: When you select an Express Envelope and do not enter any dimensions, the dimensions will default to 32cm x 24cm x 1cm. Entering different dimensions will result in an error.