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  • For our US accounts, you may have noticed a banner linking to Auctane Seller Fulfillment Partner pages available in the Fulfillment Providers settings. Check out the partner pages to learn more about the fulfillment providers we partner with. 



  • We increased the timeout period for Australia Post to reduce the timeout warnings while manifesting and closing shipments. This should reduce the frequency of this error message: The shipment {shipment_id} cannot be modified or included in a new order, as the shipment is contained in an order currently being finalized.



  • Character Limits for the Checkout Rate fields will display as a live character limit counter. Checkout Rate names have a 50 character limit and the description has a 100 character limit. 

Bug Fixes

  • You are now able to type a future Ship Date into the cost review modal when creating batch shipments. The ship date on batches can be set with the calendar or by typing in a date. 
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the Create Label button multiple times quickly in the Orders grid header would, on rare occasions, create multiple labels.
  • Fixed the issue for Australian accounts where the ship date was incorrectly set to the previous day. Australia time zones and all other time zones now reflect UTC time and display the dates correctly.
  • Fixed an issue for imported item weights not being converted properly between grams and ounces resulting in significantly higher total weight. 
  • Fixed a few bugs in the new layout: 
    • We restored the Allocate drop-down menu in Order Details. For some accounts, the Allocate menu stopped displaying after clicking the button.
    • The Shipping Cutoff time was displaying Pacific Standard Time (PST). This has been corrected to show local time for Shipping Cutoff based on the timezone you set on your account. 
    • Addresses for shipped orders did not save edits properly. While changes made to the address would display, the changes would not appear in exports. Now, edits are saved correctly and appear in exports. 


  • The Google Merchant Center integration is now available to all US accounts. You should see it as a tile under Settings > Integrations
  • Wix UK - VAT is now included in both the Tax and Product Cost fields

Bug Fixes

  • Amazon orders were intermittently missing from Amazon US stores, eventually importing directly to Shipped status when the orders processed in Amazon. Amazon Orders should no longer go “missing” from your ShipStation account. They will import into the Awaiting Shipment Status.
  • We’ve updated the SEKO LTL integration so that if a Consignee phone number exists for the shipment, we’ll send it in the label request. We now also properly send the Service level code (Standard / Threshold / Room of Choice / White Glove) to SEKO in the label request. 
  • In the new layout, Order Details now displays DHL Express (CA) instead of "4" in the Shipping Account drop-down menu. 
  • Resolved a QuickBooks Online issue with editing and saving the store list. Orders from ShipStation will show up properly in QuickBooks Online after processing. 
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect tracking link was being passed to Shopify for GlobalPost shipments. We will now send the proper GlobalPost tracking link.

Mobile Integration



  • ​​Void Shipments and Returns now available in app
  • Added Voided status to the Shipments screen
  • Added Shipments section to Order Details screen
  • Barcode scanning no longer relies on an external app

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where the decimal button was not showing up on keyboard for Samsung devices
  • (iOS) Enter decimals for weight and dimensions now