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This set of updates brings a couple of nice improvements for Rate Browser and added support for kilograms when creating shipments.



  • Support for Kilogram - For new UK, AU and NZ merchants, Kilograms is supported as a unit of weight measurement. This should be more in-line with the standards of most carriers. 
  • Rate Browser Updates - We improved the Rate Browser by moving the zip code field up so you can check for rates based on zip codes only. We also removed the “required” fields since you can browse rates with only zip codes.



  • FirstMile - You can now declare that a shipment contains Dangerous Goods.

Bug Fixes


  • Insights - We fixed the issue that would display the previous date when choosing a date range for accounts in the GMT time zone. It will now display the date range chosen from the drop-down menu.



  • StarTrack (AU) - Corrected an issue causing the error The packaging type is invalid to be incorrectly displayed when shipping a properly configured multi-package shipment.
  • DPD (FR) - We fixed an issue causing the second address line to not appear on the printed shipping label. Now, when an address has a second address line, the complete address will be printed.
  • Wayfair (CA) - We updated Wayfair so that all orders, regardless of the status, will be imported into ShipStation. Previously, some orders that were in a status other than Awaiting Shipment were not imported.
  • Amazon Shipping (US) - We fixed an issue causing the tracking status to incorrectly display Unknown in ShipStation when a package is in transit. Now, once the package is shipped, ShipStation will correctly display In transit as the tracking status.
  • Wix Checkout Rates - We corrected an issue so that checkout rates now update and display correctly in Wix. Previously, the correct rate would not update and display correctly when switching between available services.
  • Starlinks - We added Denmark as a supported destination for Starlinks shipments that was previously not available.
  • Aramex - We corrected how we calculate customs. Now if there is more than one item in the shipment, it will calculate the correct customs value. 
  • Evri from ShipStation (UK) - We updated the labels so it shows the correct return address on Courier Collect labels instead of the ShipStation return address. 
  • Direct Freight Express (AU) - Fixed the issue so Closed Manifests from Direct Freight Express will display in ShipStation. Previously, these closed manifests were not visible in the Manifests > Closed Shipments tab. 
  • Chronopost (FR)- We addressed the issue that would cause the first tracking number of a multi-package shipment to be missing. Now all tracking numbers for multiple shipments populate correctly.
  • FedEx - We fixed the issues with the FedEx International Connect Plus service so you can create multi-package shipments. 
  • Canada Post - Users can now add additional Canada Post accounts to ShipStation again.



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New Contributor

Hello @DColeman ,

Please add Kilograms to french users too !! 

  • Support for Kilogram - For new UK, AU and NZ merchants, Kilograms is supported as a unit of weight measurement. This should be more in-line with the standards of most carriers. 

Best regards,

Pierre, from France