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  • Scan to Verify: If you scanned the incorrect item during Scan to Verify, after dismissing the error message, the cursor will still be in the search bar waiting for the next scan attempt. Previously, you would need to click the search bar before attempting another scan.
  • Thermal Shipping Label: We updated several parts of the interface so any mention of a 4x6 label is also referred to as a “Thermal Shipping Label”. 
  • Onboarding

    • Manual Order: When you click the Add Manual Order button on the Onboarding page, pressing the Save Order button will save the order so you can edit it later from either the Onboarding Page or Order grid. 
    • Manual Order Links: We updated the onboarding Connect a Store page to include links for creating manual orders in the first sentence to allow new users to create their first label without connecting to a store.


Bug Fixes


  • Combined Orders Total Value: The correct order total (the total of all shipments on the order) will now be displayed correctly in the Orders Grid, Shipments Grid, and the Order Details Summary. Previously, the order total would not include all shipments causing confusion and issues when sorting orders by the order total.

  • ShipStation Connect: ShipStation Connect will no longer intermittently disconnect. Previously, ShipStation Connect would disconnect, causing users to have to log back in to print.
  • Schedule Pickup Contact: When you edit the selected contact information in the Schedule a Pickup screen, it will update immediately without needing a refresh. 
  • Cost Review: We improved how the Cost Review screen handles messages about blocked funds. Now it will display an obvious error message about issues with adding funds. 



  • UPS from ShipStation Return Labels: We fixed an issue preventing the return label from being printed when including a return label with a shipment. Previously, when the option to include a return label was selected while creating a shipment with UPS from ShipStation, an error would be thrown asking you to select the return service to use. 
  • USPS Ground Advantage: We corrected an issue causing the error “Missing customs information for APO/FPO mail” to be displayed when creating a shipment to US territories or military bases using USPS Ground Advantage. Now, the error will not be displayed when the customs information is filled out correctly.
  • DHL Express Commercial Invoice: We updated the commercial invoice that is printed for international DHL Express shipments so that it now includes the correct declarations statement. 
  • Post Haste (AU): We corrected an issue that caused rates to be displayed incorrectly or to not be displayed. 
  • USPS: We fixed the Zone Column so it will show the expected delivery zone for USPS.    
  • Mondial Relay: We corrected weight conversions for Mondial Relay so the weight will be accurate. 
  • SEKO LTL from ShipStation: We restored the ability to show Checkout Rates with your SEKO LTL from ShipStation. 
  • Amazon Shipping UK: We corrected the shipping service drop-down menu so for UK users, Amazon Shipping is correctly displayed as Amazon Shipping UK instead of Amazon Shipping US. 

Selling Channels

  • Amazon VAT tax (UK, DE, FR): The order total for Amazon orders including VAT will now be displayed correctly. We fixed an issue causing the VAT amount to be added to the order total, when the VAT amount was already included.
  • Etsy (UK): We corrected an issue that caused Etsy orders to not be updated in ShipStation. The error An error occurred attempting to update orders: 429 : {"message":"unrecognized status code"} would be displayed when importing/updating orders. This error has been fixed and orders will now update correctly.
  • ChannelAdvisor: Creating an Order tag associated with a Distribution Center properly applies to imported orders.