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This round of updates focuses heavily on bug fixes for many of our features!



  • Order Detail Item Names:  We’ve improved the Order Details to show the full name of the product instead of truncating the name. 
  • ​​ShipStation Carrier Services and OneBalance (All Countries): The cost review popup that appears before you print labels is now more clear and accurate. We now itemize costs associated with shipments like duties, taxes, and extra fees (delivery charges, fuel charges, etc). This update also makes us compliant with both FedEx and Australia's ACCC organization.

Bug Fixes


  • Saved Views: When you make updates to a Saved View, it should now save and work for all users on the account. 
  • Product Records: On the Inventory tab in a product record, the Add Alternate Location option is only available if the product has a SKU. Otherwise, the option is rendered inactive.
  • ShipStation Connect Button: We repaired an underlying issue affecting all link-style buttons in the app. The fix should address the SS Connect button along with all other buttons that were impacted. 
  • Send Fulfillment Button: The Send Shipment button in the configuration shipment widget (CSW) should no longer send duplicate external fulfillments to your partners. We also fixed the Send Shipment button on the Orders grid so you can send singular external shipments.
  • Orders Grid Filters: We fixed a bug so that now when you filter orders with "Yesterday" the orders grid will not include orders from today and only orders from the previous date should display.
  • Settings - Shipping Presets: We corrected an issue so that preset values for weight, dimension, and package type should now visually update the UI as intended.
  • Weights in the Multi-Package popup: We updated the Multi-Package popup so it will now respect a preferred weight unit of grams. Weight units should not change in the Multi-Package popup when you get a reading from a scale.
  • Configuration Shipment Widget: We corrected an issue so that centimeters should now be handled correctly in the configuration shipment widget (CSW).
  • 3PL Label Messages - Print Settings:  Label Message field names should now behave as expected when a 3PL uses a client’s carrier account. For example, if you set Label Messages to print a SKU, then the product’s SKU should appear on the shipping label. 
  • Tracking link for client FedEx labels: We updated the registry for 'Client FedEx', so the tracking link for those labels will lead to the correct FedEx page where you can locate the tracking number.



  • UPS: We fixed an issue in ShipStation Legacy so that you can create a return label for orders with a Ship Date prior to the current date. Previously, an attempt to create a return shipment failed to get a rate for UPS services and instead got you the error that reads, "Nullable object must have a value.”
  • UPS from ShipStation pickups: We should correctly send the weight of packages to UPS when scheduling a pickup request.
  • GlobalPost -  IOSS or VAT number: We resolved an issue so ShipStation should now send the registered IOSS or VAT number with GlobalPost shipments, as expected.
  • CouriersPlease - service code L6620-Road Express: We resolved an issue so all shippers should be able to get rates and generate a label without any issue for service code L6620-Road Express. 


Selling Channels

  • BigCommerce: We resolved an import issue so you should now be able to import BigCommerce orders when your account is properly configured. Previously, some merchants were receiving the message "An error occurred attempting to update orders: One or more errors occurred."
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