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  • Filter orders by grams: ShipStation’s new layout now filters by weight when Time and Units settings are set to grams.


  • Add Insurance: The insurance provider and the insured amount are now displayed in the Shipment Record.


  • Bulk Update Other Shipping Options: You can now update the SMS Tracking Notification phone number for multiple orders in a single update. This is especially helpful for Royal Mail shippers, who previously had to manually enter each phone number under Other Shipping Options in the Order Details window.



Bug Fixes



  • Custom Date Range (Insights Reports): We adjusted the placement of the “Cancel” and “Apply” buttons in the Custom Date Range drop-down menu. This allows you to select and apply custom date ranges for your Reports without issue.
  • Manual Orders: When a manual order is created with Order and Paid dates set in the future, the dates will correctly display in the Order Details regardless of your account’s timezone.
  • Automation Rules: We now only show active users as selectable options in the Automation Rule action type: “Assign to a user…”
  • Filter Orders:
    • View all orders in date range: When filtering for orders using the Advanced Search > Order date filter, the filter now includes orders created on the last date of the search parameters. For example, an advance search for orders from June 11 to June 14 will now include orders with an order date of June 14.
    • Manual orders appear when filtered by Manual ShipStation Store: Manual orders will now appear when using the Marketplace > ShipStation filter on the Awaiting Orders page.
  • Sort Returns (Shipments tab): We fixed a bug that caused the sorting arrows in the Returns grid to be unresponsive.
  • Manually change order status: We corrected an issue where previously shipped orders were returning to the Awaiting Shipment status. Now, orders set to Hold Until, Shipped or Canceled will keep their status unless you manually change it.
  • Print Documents:
    • We fixed an issue in the new ShipStation layout that prevented large groups of labels and other documents (300+) from printing.
    • When printing a packing slip, you can now select Use Store’s Default Template for the packing slip template option. You can view the Default Template in your Store Settings.
  •  Batches:
    • We resolved an error that prevented some merchants from printing batch labels when their Document Options were set to print labels and packing slips together.
    • The rate shown in the Shipping Sidebar for multiple orders in a batch now correctly updates when bulk updates are applied to the orders.
    • The Label Batch Status screen now shows the Ship From Location for all orders in the batch. This is especially helpful for batches that are automatically split by Ship From Location.
    •  We now support the Remove from Batch function for Processed and Archived batches.





  • Aramex/Fastway: Tracking statuses for Aramex/Fastway shipments are now automatically updated in ShipStation.
  • TNT Australia 
    • Rate Quote available for Monday shipments: We fixed an issue with Australian carrier TNT where the Ship Date set for Monday was being misidentified as Sunday, causing a delay in shipping.
    • Correct rate now displays: When selecting services for Australian carrier TNT, the rates shown on the Rate Calculator and Estimated Rate will now match across service types. 


Selling Channels

  • Acumatica: We resolved a 401 error that prevented some merchants from connecting or reconfiguring their Acumatica store in ShipStation.
  • BigCommerce: We have reduced order import time from BigCommerce into ShipStation to complete within one minute.
  • WooCommerce: We’ve resolved the issue causing the error when you attempt to connect a WooCommerce store: “Unable to connect to the marketplace! Error: cannot extract username or password to authToken”


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