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For this round of Release Notes, we are excited to announce that both ShipStation ODBC and the ability to add a Cusbiscan dimensioner are now available for regions outside of North America! We have added ParcelGuard/XCover Insurance options for US merchants, and soon they’ll be available everywhere!




  • Settings > Shipping > Insurance UI - Insurance Options (US-only): We have added Insurance options you can now find when you go to Settings > Shipping > Insurance. Below the default option of ParcelGuard/XCover, you will see Other Insurance Options. These options include the following:
    • Carrier Insurance - For small-value shipments via carrier-provided coverage, and
    • External Insurance - For any third-party insurance you manage outside of ShipStation.  briabeeson_0-1684729319464.png

      If you enable one or both of these options, you will see an Insurance drop-down in the purchase flow/Configure Shipment Widget (CSW), just as in the existing UI. Changes you make here will reflect in the Insurance Settings drop-down menu in the purchase flow/CSW, in addition to any Bulk Edit sidebar and popup processes, editing presets, and automation rules. Turning off Carrier Insurance and/or External Insurance will remove the options from the Insurance drop-down within the CSW.  

  • ShipStation ODBCAll Countries: ODBC is now available for regions outside North America! Any ShipStation merchant with a High Volume or Enterprise plan in the following countries can now add, edit, delete, or reactivate the ShipStation ODBC app and leverage this integration source to import orders.
    • United Kingdom
    • Australia
    • France
    • Germany

      ODBC Trials for all countries will work the same, and merchants need only to select the highest level plan to be able to use this feature.
  • Add a Cubiscan dimensioner  - All Countries:  The ability to add a Cubiscan dimensioner is now available for regions beyond North America! Any ShipStation merchant in the following countries on a High Volume or Enterprise plan can now add this device via ShipStation Connect to import weights and dimensions when shipping. 
      • United Kingdom
      • Australia
      • New Zealand
      • France
      • Germany
  • ODBC and Cubiscan Extra Large UPS CTP Plans: ODBC and Cubiscan features are now available for Extra Large UPS CTP Plans.
  • Combine Orders - You can now combine orders even if is no SalesOrderID present. 


Selling Channels

  • Yahoo!/Turbify - We fixed an issue causing errors when importing orders from Yahoo!/Turbify. 
  • X-Cart - We corrected the issue causing an error when attempting to connect X-Cart version 5.5. 

Bug Fixes


  • Scan to Verify/Scan to Print - Scale weights: We have fixed an issue in Scan to Verify and Scan to Print screens, so scale weights will now consistently reflect weights as expected. Previously, the scale would sometimes connect and disconnect every time a weight was fetched, and merchants had to refresh ShipStation Connect and the browser for the scale to reread weights properly.
  • Product Export -  Reports: We corrected a problem related to Product exports specific to the Products tab on the latest version of ShipStation. Merchants can now select specific products to Export and correctly export only those records. Previously, Product exports had included all product records, even with specific chosen records, and the Product export read, ‘Only export the 0 records that are selected products.
  • ShipStation API Create/Update order - Response - Service code: We have updated the ShipStation API to find the correct carrier within ShipStation Carriers. When you create or update an order, If you specify a valid carrier code and service code in the API Call to request `POST /orders/createorder HTTP/1.1`,  then the API Response will return the expected service code. Previously, a null value should get returned in the service code: "serviceCode": null. 
  • ShipStation API & Webhooks: We have fixed an issue so that an entire URL structure will be returned to the `resource_url` property of webhook payloads. Previously, the resource URL of some webhook payloads had stopped including a scheme and host and was only sending the path and query params.
  • Auto-Funding - We corrected a bug that was not allowing you to select the correct amount for auto-funding. You can now select and save the amount intended. 



  • FedEx 
    • Scheduling a Pickup: We have corrected a problem on the backend so that now when you schedule a pickup for FedEx, the pickups should now occur as expected.
    • Amazon - FedEx, Royal Mail 24 (UK): We made an update for Amazon shipments using FedEx in the UK so that now the shipping service Royal Mail 24-CRL appears as Royal Mail 24  in the shipment notification to Amazon. Previously, the service appeared as "Other".
  • Oxatis orders sent via Colissimo: We resolved an issue so that Oxatis Marketplace notifications will work as expected when you use Colissimo as your carrier. Previously, instead of getting updates when attempting to resend the notification,  merchants saw an error message: We encountered an error communicating with Oxatis. Please attempt to refresh the store in a few minutes. (500).

Selling Channels

    • Mirakl Connect
      • ShipNotify Order updates: We have fixed a bug, so Mirakl Connect is now receiving shipping confirmations and order updates from ShipStation, as expected.
      • Order Details - Total Tax:  The Order Details for Mirakl orders now show the amount of tax paid by the customer. 
    • Shopify
      • Order Details: Orders will now import as expected and without extraneous data at the beginning. Previously, some orders from Shopify would display the word ‘null' at the beginning of customers’ Sold To names.
      •  Order Numbers: We have fixed an issue with Shopify orders so that all information from your store will reflect accurately across both platforms. Previously, some merchants did not see the '#'’ character included as part of the Order number in the order information.
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Colissimo Pudo service still not supported. Too bad! the only thing stops me using shipstation!