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Community Manager


The ShipStation Community Ideas Forum is Live!


A few months ago we announced that we were relocating the feedback forum to the Community and opened up a temporary board for your ideas while we set up its permanent home. 


We are proud to launch our Ideas boards in their permanent home with a brand new name, Ideas.


To view or post an idea, just go to the Ideas section of Community. 




You may notice that this new Ideas board contains some familiar suggestions. Our team has been hard at work reviewing all open ideas to migrate as much relevant content as possible. If you notice that an Idea you have suggested did not make it over, please feel free to add it again as a brand new idea. 


Questions you might have: 


Why did you move from the old forum? 

We have been working on ways to improve how we receive and act upon our users’ ideas. The new Ideas section of the community will allow us to better manage your posts, make sure they are reviewed, and respond to them - where required - as promptly as possible. 

What happened to the Ideas I suggested on the old Feedback Page? 

All open ideas were reviewed by the Community team and the most relevant and highest voted posts were migrated to the new Ideas boards. If you notice that your idea did not make it over, please feel free to post it again.  


I don’t see a place to vote on the ideas in the community, what happened to my allotted votes? 

We have done away with all voting limits and now will be using the community’s positive-only Kudos feature and comments to measure support for an idea. Instead of having a set number of votes, you will be able to apply one kudos to any idea suggested by another member, the only limitation is that you cannot give kudos to your own idea. 


What happened to the votes that were given to the migrated ideas?


Since you can only give one kudos per idea in the new Ideas board, the number of Kudos a migrated idea has is related to the number of voters on that idea. So, you may notice slightly lower vote counts now, but for the most part these numbers still properly illustrate the popularity of the idea.


What will happen to the old Feedback Discussion Board and all the posts located there?

The feedback discussion board has now been closed and any relevant posts have been migrated to the new Ideas section of the Community. 

For any other questions and further information on how our new Ideas board will function, you can check out the following post below.  


Welcome to the ShipStation Ideas Forum  


We are so excited to share this new space with you and look forward to hearing your ideas.