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Hello amazing community members, 

We are absolutely thrilled to share the news of our latest addition: Product Bundles! This is an exceptionally exciting moment for our community, as it stands out as the most discussed and highly appreciated idea to date. What makes it even more special is the fact that many of our community members played an exclusive and integral role in both the development and beta testing of this fantastic feature.

With our latest update, you can now easily create a single SKU to represent your bundle product. This SKU will encompass all the individual product SKUs that make up the bundle. These individual product SKUs will be referred to as "component items" within ShipStation when they are associated with your bundle. This streamlines the process and makes it clearer to manage your bundled products.

With Product Bundles You Can: 

  • Split ship any of your component items. 
  • Track component inventory in ShipStation.
  • Display all of the SKUs associated with this bundle as component items on your picklist to make the picking and packing process easier for your team. 
  • Display either the product bundle or each individual component on your packing slip for your customers. 
  • Externally fulfill some or all of your components.

This feature is currently available for all North American accounts with a Gold plan or higher. If you want to learn more you can check out this help center article.

Again we want to thank all of our community members for being a part of making this feature a reality. Whether you commented, voted, provided direct feedback to our developers, or were a part of our community focused beta; we want you to know that none of this happens without your participation and passion for the product.