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Amazon Buy Shipping API error when creating label

New Contributor

We have used ShipStation to create our Amazon integrated shipping label and packing sheets for both SFP and standard orders for the past couple of years, it is a great solution for us.


Amazon links directly to our Royal Mail account and Shipstation links to Amazon Buy Shipping as a carrier with all our shipping options available with our rates from Royal Mail.


My question is; does anyone else use this and have they had any issues with creating labels on ShipStation through ‘Amazon Buy Shipping’ recently?


This is the API error I am getting:

The shipping service specified does not exist or is not available for the specified parameters ie weight, dimensions. (Generic, Carrier Error Code: ShippingServiceNotAvailable). The selected delivery method does not offer the requested label format. Please choose a different label format or choose another delivery method which offers the requested label format. (Generic, Carrier Error Code: ShippingServiceNotAvailable).


I have not changed anything on either Amazon or ShipStation so I think it’s something that either of those has changed. I have been in contact with both Amazon and ShipStation, Amazon has passed it on to another team (as always for a slightly more technical issue!) which has not gotten back to me yet. ShipStation has said that they have other users experiencing the same issue and they have handed it to their dev team and will update me when they know (which could be weeks/months).


I am currently printing out the packing sheet on ShipStation and purchasing the shipping label directly on Amazon which is not efficient at all and takes me 10x the time it normally takes.


Occasional Contributor

We are having issues as well since they sent an email yesterday reassuring us that the API is good - our Amazon orders will not load into Shipstation

Occasional Contributor

I am having the same issue as danad, I keep receiving error messages when trying to refresh for new orders and support doesn't seem to be able to address this. They claim to have escalated my case, but I've heard nothing back as of yet. 

New Contributor

We're having the same issue. Keeping an eye on this thread for any updates.


Commenting to keep this in my feed of topics!

New Contributor

A week on and this is still broken, any updates?

New Contributor

The issue has now been passed on to the senior developers, I am hoping this gets resolved ASAP if not I will have to cancel ShipStation and look for an alternative platform after 4 years.

Email received from shipstation:

This message is to let you know that the issue you reported has been escalated to our product team for resolution. Our product team will triage the issue and prioritize developer effort towards a resolution or improvement in experience.

Our development teams typically work in two week intervals once an issue has been prioritized. This timeline can vary, depending on the overall scope and impact of the updated configuration.

To allow our senior support team to efficiently investigate all incoming product tickets, updates on the current status of your case will only be provided as they are made available from our product and development teams.

Please note that this ticket will remain open so we can provide updates directly to you regarding the problem that was originally reported. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding your account, please submit a new ticket with our team. Any further replies to this ticket will not immediately appear to our team for review.

We apologize for any inconvenience and will let you know as soon as more information is available.

-ShipStation Support

New Contributor

Yes we are in the same situation, having to manually print out the orders via Amazon as shipstation have still not fixed this issue

Occasional Contributor

Ours is fixed as of Friday 

Excellent to hear, did shipstation fix it?

Occasional Contributor

Yes. We had a case open from 2 hours after it errored and every time they would respond that it was fixed but wasn't I responded back immediately 


Frustratingly ours is still not fixed. been 17 days now! Keep getting the same response as above "this has been escalated".


@danad57404  did you need to do anything to make it work or did it just work?

Occasional Contributor

No I just hounded them after each case response but I didn't do anything to fix it. 😞

I'm not sure that the issue you were having is the same, as our Amazon orders are importing to ShipStation just fine and I can produce a shipping label with other carriers just not with 'Amazon Buy Shipping' 

New Contributor

This has now been resolved by Shipstation.


"Currently my TL has been speaking to Amazon and was advised the issue is with the label format 'PDF' that we are sending and that Amazon no longer support. A fix for the issue is currently in code review which I will be tracking this JIRA"