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Amazon shipping not generate labels




Recently we noticed that we cant generate Amazon shipping labels and gettin always the same error :

No eligible service offerings received. You may be after the cutoff time for collection. Try moving the ship date to the following business day. (400, d65f62d8-cd5b-4870-a3ba-031e5f3a7e47)


Even we tried to move shipping date, always before was all perfect. and is only for one service amazon shipping large. Is anytbody dealing with same problems? as i remember was same last week.. after it was many people who deal with the same problem and it was fixed in couple of hours.


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Hey there @Giedrius1


Thank you for your contribution and participation in the community! We truly appreciate it. 


I dug into the error message that you provided and have seen a resolution across the platform of this behavior. With this in mind, I still wanted to follow up on your post directly to make sure that this was not still standing in your way for normal operation! 


If you are still experiencing this error message when attempting to create Amazon shipping labels, I would very much recommend reaching out to our Support Team so that we can have them dig into this with you directly in your account. 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!