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Cubic rates?


Original post by user Office ITS


I'm new - but why can't I see USPS Cubic Priority Mail rates or select Cubic Priority in my rate calculator?


Moderator cubic pricing is available by default for all ShipStation users creating labels in ShipStation with their account.


To receive cubic rates in ShipStation, make sure you do the following when you configure your shipment:


  1. Choose a USPS domestic priority service
  2. Choose the "Package" package type
  3. Enter the package weight and dimensions


ShipStation will automatically apply the cubic rate whenever it's cheaper than the priority rate.


The process is slightly different if you are using the softpack option. Review the Cubic Pricing in ShipStation section of our integrations help article for more details.

FYI you will never see the word 'cubic rate' even if the rate is deemed cubic. This is hidden from the user. There is no way to check that the rate is definitively the cubic one. Why is there a  'cubic' option in the package type drop down?


Can you tell us how to confirm it is actually working?  I don't see Cubic listed in the available rates in the carrier config,  and have no way to verify if it is working or not. We have done the exact steps outlined above.

It is working.  The rates just aren't good.  I compared their cubic rates with Amazon, EasyShip and Shippo and they are $ 1+ more expensive.  I don't know if it's poor negotiations with the USPS or they are padding.