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DHL eCommerce API 4.0 Issues and Errors

Occasional Contributor

How many of you out there are running into non-stop issues since the recent implementation of API 4.0 for DHL eCommerce on ShipStation? Going back months, ShipStation did not implement this new API 4.0. Just recently (I believe on July 20th), 4.0 was switched over on my setup by ShipStation and there have been non-stop issues.


1. The rates being displayed ARE NOT my rates from DHL eCommerce. No matter what type of service I select, the rates that are returned are for another service type. For example, if I put in a 1 pound package using Service Type A, the rate that is returned is a 1 pound package using Service Type B. This appears to be a developmental issue and is currently being looked at by ShipStation.


2. The weight of the package, even though being put through as ounces on the ShipStation end, is converted to kilograms and then back again resulting in a HIGHER weighted rate than what should be displaying. So, aside from "1." above in which the incorrect service rate is displaying, by the off chance that the service selected matches the rate being returned (ie. Service A is selected, rate returned is for Service A), there is a chance that the postage rate is higher due to the ounces to kilograms back to ounces conversion being off. Again, I think this is a developmental issue on the ShipStation end and I was told last week it was be resolved and it still has not (as far as I can tell).


3. While the first two points are MAJOR issues, this particular problem really takes the cake. Ever since changing over to the API 4.0 for DHL eCommerce, ShipStation no longer supports putting the "carrier fee" in place in the "Shipments" section of ShipStation. That means, even though the rate that is being displayed is wrong on the "orders" page for any specific shipment (see points 1. and 2. above), that particular rate is not being stored in ShipStation in the "Shipments" section. All that is being stored is a "$0.00" carrier fee. 


Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 6.11.18 PM.png

I have had an ongoing email thread with ShipStation support and all they can say is that the "developers" state that this "carrier fee" is not supported with 4.0. Considering I have used ShipStation for years and DHL eCommerce for about a year and this was NEVER an issue, why all of a sudden with the changeover to API 4.0 does DHL eCommerce get screwed over and not have the "carrier fee" display as it did all the way up until this point? There has to be a way for ShipStation Developers to code the returned rates that DHL eCommerce is providing ShipStation so that the returned rates on an orders screen is captured as the "carrier fee". I assume this was how it worked prior to changing to API 4.0... Why now is this no longer working?


ShipStation... Fix these issues! Paying customers of your service expect that the service being used actually works. You are a shipping partner with DHL eCommerce... act like it and do the right thing by fixing these errors!