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Insurance costs going importing into Squarespace


Hi, how to get the costs ShipStation calculates to go to Squarespace to charge the customer the total costs of shipping and insurance.  Today, only the shipping costs are being charged within Squarespace even though I have it configured to calculate. I'm being charged the insurance costs on top of the shipping.



Hello, nancymarksgac!


Thank you for your post! We are always looking to improve the user's experience. This exact feature is due to a limitation in our system. We do, however, have a possible workaround that may work for you. Shipstation only calculates ship based on weight and distance with live checkout rates (no dims, no insurance, etc.) 


You can, however, set up your rates to pad for insurance rates. You can add a rate adjustment. This help center article at step 6 can help you. Click “charge more” under adjustment and charge a flat rate or percentage of the cart on top of the live rate sent by the carrier API.


I hope this workaround will help you. As always, if you need help with these steps, you can contact support@shipsation for assistance. 


Happy Shipping!