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Live Shipping Quotes


I have customers complain on a regular basis that the shipping quotes given are automatically filtered by what Shipstation feels is the best option. This is such a ridiculous feature in my opinion. Let the customer choose!

For example if a customer is in Missouri, they are given only two options ups ground or first class shipping. Shipstation won't give them the option of usps priority because ground is cheaper and the same transit time. But some customers only want usps or ups, instead they get one or the other based on Shipstation's opinions of what they want. This is imposing your own views on a customer and completely ridiculous, I'd love to see all options surfaced and let them decide! Especially going into the holiday season when it matters which carrier is used even more so!


Occasional Contributor

Hello @jstjohn81 

Is your shipstation connected with Shopify?
And Shopify rates are getting controlled via Shipstation?

If yes, then you can do Zone mapping under the shipping settings of your Shopify store, to avoid these problems.
Here is the article for it -

For integration help, you can email -