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Paypal - purchased a First Class label through Shipstation - label has no tracking barcode

New Contributor

I received a Paypal payment for an item I sold, and I bought a USPS First Class label through Shipstation.


The First Class shipping label doesn't have a barcode and I was unable to have it scanned at the post office.


I am also unable to void the shipping label,because when I click on void, nothing happens, and the label doesn't show as voided.


So as of now, I have been charged for a USPS First class shipping label that came with no barcode, so it can't be scanned at my local post office, and I can't seem to get a refund for the shipping label. Am I going to be charged for a USPS First Class shipping label that didn't come with a barcode?


I would like to have this resolved somehow. Can someone assist me?


New Contributor
What is more strange is that when I click on the shipping summary, the tracking number section is blank, yet the Delivery Status shows as "in Transit". See below:
Ship Date
July 27, 2022
Tracking Number
Delivery Status
In Transit
Total Shipping Cost
Postage Cost
Carrier and Service
USPS - USPS First Class Mail
Delivery Confirmation
Label ID

New Contributor

I disputed the label charge through paypal as "product not as described". Shipstation support told me the most ridiculous answer. They told me to buy a new label. I'm sorry, this does not fix the problem with my first label.

New Contributor

Never got an official resolution to my problem. THis forum sucks.