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Residential vs Business address


When my orders sync with Shipstation they are marked as either residential or business. Many residential addresses show as business addresses. How do I change this to residential?



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The residential/commercial designation is set the USPS address validation database, you can't change it since it's based on whatever data USPS has on that address.

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Can't change that. Depending on how much you are shipping that really only starts to factor in once you have negotiated rates with the carriers. There are some slight differences, like extra fees from USPS, but it really gets cheaper if you have negotiated commercial rates with UPS, FEDEX, etc.


Depending on who your courier is, you can change the service. For example, we primarily use FedEx. So, if we get a business address that's really residential, we choose FedEx Home Delivery. If the opposite is true, we choose FedEx Ground.


Also, depending on your carrier's service agreement, it may be possible to always ship FedEx Ground and if it turns out to be residential, they tack on the service fee at the time of invoicing. Be careful with this, though, because they may charge a penalty. Again - depends on your service agreement.

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