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ShipStation sold me a worthless shipping label and won't refund me my money


I got an order from Ukraine recently and was searching through the carriers to see if anyone shipped there. There aren't many carriers that do. But according to the ShipStation system, GlobalPost shipped there so I selected the option and did all the things I'm supposed to do, paid $14.71 for the label and mailed the package.

The package was returned to me, apparently because GP does not, in fact, ship to Ukraine. Okay, bummer, mistakes happen. I ask for a refund and both GP and SS are refusing to refund my purchase.

GP won't refund the purchase to me because, "GlobalPost claims are only processed and approved for shipping services that include a GlobalPost tracking event to the final destination."

If I'm understanding this correctly, I'm asking for a refund because GP won't ship it to the final destination and GP is refusing to refund it because they only refund if it tracked to the final destination. Make that make sense.

ShipStation won't refund the $14.71 for the same reason as GP. They did offer me a $10 courtesy credit. At this point this is an issue of principle. ShipStation sold me a worthless label and are fine keeping my money.

This is the essence of this entire scenario:

Me: "Hi, I'd like to ship this package to Ukraine."
SS: "Sure, GP ships there and it's $14.71"
Me: "Great, here's my money."
GP: "Here's your package back. We don't ship there."
Me: "But SS said you did."
GP & SS: "Not our problem. LOL."
I'm caught in this madness and I simply cannot believe that this is what passes for customer service by both GP and SS.



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Global posts first response is a bot or a copy paste message, reply to global posts email and push for a refund. They will most likely give you "a one-time courtesy" refund if you ask again. I've received over 10 "one-time courtesy" refunds for shipping issues with global post.

Yup, it took multiple emails to both ShipStation and GP before they, as you predicted, issued a "one-time courtesy" refund. Ridiculous that I had to spend as much time as I did when it was so obviously not my fault. I also told them that I'd be filing a complaint with the Oregon Attorney General's office which may or may not have done anything.

It reminds me of what I had to deal with a year or so ago to just get SS to turn off GP as my default international shipper. I had no intention of ever using GP again, but when it seemed that they shipped to Ukraine, I thought I'd give them another shot. Never again.