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Shipper Number cannot be used ?!

New Contributor

So aggravated! trying to use shipstation ups account and cannot get any labels. Was working fine last week. I have been on hold on the phone since 11 am, it is now 2:15 pm. I have started a ticket and got an email saying that help was on the way. still no progress. " shipper number cannot be used for this shipment" I need this fixed! I have packages to get out by 4 pm!!! 


New Contributor

we spend thousands of dollars a week through shipstation. I should be able to get help....


Support has been largely absent lately. Google indicates that there could be an issue with your UPS account, you might actually get a response from their support team: "The error “the shippers shipper number cannot be used for this shipment” typically means the UPS account has been suspended."

Though it could still be a Shipstation issue, there was a similar post a couple weeks ago:

But it is the account that I use through shipstation! I put money in the wallet and then make labels. This happened last week and they had to delete the wallet and make another one. I just dont get it.

Oh yeah, that definitely sounds like yet another broken aspect of Shipstation.