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cant buy UPS lable.

Occasional Contributor

start yesterday afternoon, I try to buy UPS label, it shows label cost, after I click the " buy and print label", nothing happens, after tried a few time, the order get marked 'shipped" but there is no label,no tracking,  I have to click restore ,to undo the order and choose different shipping method,

same thing happen this morning.


also there is no way to tell, label fee charged or not,


and please fix the problem, every time you add money to account, the next label will not prints, and in shipment area,ORDER did not show in any order,listing orders are all random, very hard to track,, 


Hey there @OZard


Due to the behaviors you've described, I would absolutely recommend reaching out to our support department. Actively inspecting the account as you encounter that behavior will be key to the investigation. We certainly want to make sure you can purchase and print labels like normal.


Please review this article from our Knowledge Base regarding connecting with the support team via Ch... 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!