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Status: In Progress

The new layout (v3) has made us spend far more time each day to complete the same amount of work. Here's some of what we've found that has gotten worse compared to the old version (v2):


-Scrolling through orders with a mouse scroll wheel stops after only a small distance and requires the use of the scroll bar to scroll quickly.

-Orders per page automatically reverts to 250 orders per page, every time you log in.

-Splitting orders is now very slow to load and all "split" items cannot have different shipping addresses. 

-Inability to restore shipped orders to awaiting shipment. "Restore" in the shipped tab now only creates a new blank line item in the original order that must be manually re-fulfilled in our store.

-Grouping orders by SKU causes a number of bugs like un-grouping orders while using the search function and causing collapsed groups to un-collapse at random when selecting orders. Also, causes unintentional selection of new, unrelated orders when putting one on hold or otherwise removing an order from the group. 

-Putting items on Hold now requires the selection of a new hold date each time, instead of remembering the last hold date selection


We have opened support tickets for each of these issues, and more. Sometimes the issue gets fixed, but most of the time, the issue is a core feature behaving differently and cannot be fixed short of using the old version of shipstation.


Please let us revert to V2. We understand that shipstation has been working on v3 since at least 2018 when we first tried it, but it is still slower, counterintuitive and incredibly frustrating to find new issues we have to work around every day.

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There is also no way to see which shipping method was requested by the customer after an order was shipped to make sure the correct shipping method was selected.


we said and so frustrating.

Status changed to: In Progress
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So now it seems daily my Amazon orders are downloaded with no mapped shipping method or the package sizes are so whacked out it errors. A package is set to 4x4x4 yet it shows up at 103x23x56. 


Same issue.  More and more issues with no response of fixes from Shipstation.  

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anyone know of another software that links with ebay/amazon/walmart/shopify ?  


i gotta get off of this, its making me angry to work everyday - literally angry


They really made a downgrade in quality with this new version. 

Many times the software does not save information the first time, such as when i select a package type for an order. I can make the change, move to another order, and then go back to the first one only to see the package type was not saved. 

The worst is what they  did to "quick ship"  -  Just let me have a batch selected, click print, and be done with it.  Why the pop ups?  

Furthermore, I've noticed a lot of my orders are not actually  printing, even though shipstation shows them as "complete."  If you print orders "too fast", shipstation completely loses track of some of them, and makes NO indication that these orders were not actually printed.  I have to manually compare the labels that did manage to print with all the most recent orders in the label queue.  This is incredibly time consuming and frustrating. The old version did not have this issue!!!


I second all of these issues! We were forced to update to v3 due to ShipStation Connect no longer working with v2. I'd pay money to have the option to revert back to the way it was. Have created several support tickets each time we come across a new issue, but overall it's more tedious and time wasting.

Here's the issues we've come across in the last week:

**Customs format.
**Inability to use hotkeys, especially for carrier shortcuts.
**Constantly having to update settings in the Document Options.
**Shows "multiple" for an order number once orders have been combined, instead of the one universal order number you chose it be under.
**Doesn't show pending order amount on the left side panel after updating stores has been completed.
**When reshipping an order (we had one being returned for incorrect address), you have to create a new shipment, and it doesn't retain any of the shipping information from the original order.