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EDIT: This was originally posted in the Discussions section. I guess they had enough time to move it here but not enough to bother actually responding. Typical. 


@Manager-Erin @Moderator-Davis Since the 'New Layout Feedback' section seems to be a ghetto to hide all the complaints while never responding to any of them, I'm posting this here. When can we expect the 'transparency and communication' that was promised in the New Layout Feedback Announcement?


We have heard your calls for more transparency and communication. Going forward, we plan to be as communicative and transparent as possible with you about this new layout and the work being done to address your blockers. 


To aid in this effort we have created a brand new feedback section of the community specifically to address migration issues and concerns. All feedback and suggestions about the new layout will be migrating over to this section within the coming week so we have everything all in one space. A task force will be reviewing all posts and comments from this section on a weekly basis to prioritize fixes where possible and address provided feedback internally.  We will also publish content to show you what is currently happening, what might be blocked, and what is planned where possible. 

It has been over a month with literally zero communication about any of the many issues which have been raised. You have many irate customers who were willing to give you the benefit of the doubt but are losing patience. Many of the issues reported there were raised over a year ago and are significant and sap efficiency by a million small cuts. A short list:


  • Shipstation Connect forgets printing settings every time the browser is closed
  • The extreme slowness--literally 30-45 seconds just to process and print a single label and a 1-2 second hang every time a single digit is entered.
  • The 'create new shipment' button remains a headache and does not replicate the old 'restore order' feature. In order to get the same results, you have to manually create a new order and copy over the information by hand.
  • Search automatically returns all orders matching the search by default with no way to filter them ahead of time as in Legacy. You have to click the 'awaiting shipment' tab every time in order to filter out years-old shipped orders cluttering the screen.
  • Customs declarations remain extremely slow to fill and the vertical arrangement requires excessive scrolling (which often causes shipstation to freeze for multiple seconds).

...and the floating tiles.  Don't forget them, it makes it kind of like playing whack-a-mole.  

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I would be happy with a 2 second lag time.   I'm getting 45 seconds for picklists to pull down and chrome is giving me 'page unresponsive' warnings every couple minutes.   


The way this is going it looks like somebody is trying to sabotage this company.    The new owners that bought it last year have no clue.    

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Badges, LOL, I want to get badges while I am waiting for an answer about my shipstation USPS Labels having no tracking barcode on them. I personally don't care about badges. I am not here to wear flair. Come on shipstation.


Hello,  I am a little confused on what's going on here. 


Is there an ongoing list or sticky post with the main issues?

Have any issues been fixed yet? Showing as issue identified and solution in progress etc

I have also noticed the lag time increase significantly, it was 5 mins today for just 2 labels to purchase and print.


Found out the issue as to why things are slipping:


Listen, we all want SS to be great again and we are all for the product not against it.  I know the staff at SS is overworked and working their butts off with service to assist us customers and we all appreciate the staff at SS. I really wanted to find out what the heck is going on, are they going out of business, are they evil, did they fire all the employees etc.... So I looked on glassceiling.  Turns out that employees have recognized and stated themselves that the product has recently declined in quality. They said Working on a "new" version for over 2yrs is a joke. The new version added two new features (not features that have been highly requested for years by customers). Bugs will sit in queues waiting to be worked for months. The common theme from the employees is that Upper management. So remember in the forums its the service staff just trying to help us, they are not the issue, management and new management that came from outside seems to be where all the issues are taking place. The support staff isn't ignoring you, they are ignoring them with our issues.

Let's not be part of the issue and beat up the staff. Is it possible that the owners and owners aren't being told by upper management about all the issues were having with the new version?  Problably.

I bet the real reason why we cant go back to the old version is because then the managers on that team will then look bad.  Wish a teammember accidentally let me know what's going on over there and why we're all in this mess now.



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The lag time is horrible.   No way it should take this long for this major bug to be fixed.  I worked in IT for 25 years.   This should have taken a week to fix at most - if not they should have rolled back as contingency. (who bought shipstation in 2014)  got bought out by a private equity firm late last year.   Just after that happened the CEO of resigned.   I worked in corporate settings for 25 years.   When these acquisitions happen there is always chaos afterward as political battles and turf wars between various divisions ensue.  The earmarks are all there.   I agree the problem is upper mgt right now.   I am not blaming the support staff - I have always found them helpful over the years.


But the bigger question is can shipstation be salvaged or is this a sinking ship.   Most customers don't have alot of time to find out.   The holiday rush for most starts in sep/oct timeframe.   I am guessing that Shipstation is having a massive amount of defections of key employees - many in development.   That is why nothing is getting fixed.    Given this environment I would be pessimistic that these ongoing bugs get fixed by the holiday period.   As a small business owner I am making sure to have a backup plan in case Shipstation sinks.   I hope it doesn't and this mess gets sorted out.  It's just crazy to be hit by this - it came out of the blue.  I was so happy with V2.   Unbelievable.

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These are very interesting theories. They are probably true. 

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This happens every few minutes now.     This ship is sinking fast.


Who has found another platform to use?  We are ready to jump ship?

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Looking at Shippo and Ship Hawk  This is just frustrating.  Our employees are frustrated with this.  Ship Station has become like Amazon.


Thanks.  I agree.  We have been using Shipstation for more than 5 years and I would rate it 9 out 10 stars over that time period.  But we are now at about 5, but feel trapped as I am not sure that another platform will not have same or different issues.