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API Call To Update Order Not Updating Ship By Date?


Pretty weird experience I'm having when trying to update the shipByDate via an API call.  I'm making the correct post request with shipByDate in the body and I get a valid response back with the correct shipBy date. However, when I go into the portal the shipBy date has not been updated.


This has me very confused. The API response says it changed the date, but the date in the portal is not changed. Anyone have any advice?







Are you attempting to provide only the shipbydate in the API call? If so, this could be what is causing the issue as you can't do a partial update via the API. The entire resource must be provided in the body of the request. 


Our API support team can definitely assist you if you continue to have trouble with this. Just send an email to if you need further assistance.

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx


Same issue here. I'm updating the package weight/height/length/width, carrier code, service code, requested shipping method.  I make the call,  I get a valid response, then I do a get order (   I can see that the changes were made successfully, but when I open the order in it doesn't show any of the updates.  I tried a completely different browser on a different computer that had never been logged into shipstation, so it's not a browser cache issue.


On one update I made, the updated values did show up hours later.  


I'm surprised to see your post & find that this was apparently an issue over a year ago.   Is the API just useless for updating data?


(I did open a support ticket & will update this post) 

New Contributor

Any update on this? I am having the exact same issue.

Support was able to reproduce this issue & they said it was related to package mapping.  I deleted all of our package mapping and this is still occurring. I let them know.  I had a shipstation sales rep and field engineer here in our office a couple of days ago & they were able to see the problem.  Hopefully they'll fix it soon!