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Amazon Buy vs Amazon marketplace imported to shipstation

Occasional Contributor

I have just started selling as a Prime seller, my choice because of Saturday shipments.  Anyway, I imported my orders today and found the prime orders in the Pending Fulfillment folder.  Why?  I guess I dont understand the difference then between the normal amazon orders and the amazon buy orders.  How can I get them all in one folder.  Checking each one to get them ready to ship is time consuming.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there Gregthree, thanks for your post! 

For any account that connected an Amazon store to ShipStation prior to November 3, 2023, Merchant Fulfilled Prime orders from a connected Amazon store will import into the Pending Fulfillment status by default, which is a view-only status. To ship these orders with ShipStation, you must import your Prime orders into the Awaiting Shipment status.

To import these orders into the Awaiting Shipment status, you can either enable the Amazon store setting to do so in ShipStation, or you can connect an Amazon Buy Shipping or Amazon Shipping carrier to your ShipStation account (currently only available for US- and UK-based ShipStation accounts).

For more information and steps to resolve, please see this article

Happy shipping! 

- Melanie