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Amazon Combined Orders & USPS Tracking Numbers

Occasional Contributor

Amazon is not accepting USPS tracking numbers from orders combined on ShipStation. After creating labels, I'm finding the separate orders still marked as "unshipped" on Amazon. On Amazon I get the message that "Same tracking ID entered for multiple orders, please provide a valid tracking ID." In reality neither of the orders that were combined show tracking numbers and both are marked as "unshipped."


Anyone else experiencing this?



If you hit enter a second time on Amazon it will accept it.  Member Smedley found this fix and posted it in another similar post.   The combine orders function is broken on SS's new forced beta version V3.  They haven't fixed it or given a warning when you combine amazon orders.  Most people will just find out once their Amazon account is suspended for late shipments.  Surprise 🙂 yay.  Anyway, hope that helps.