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Are we able to share one ShipStation account with two BigCommerce sites?

New Contributor

Good evening,


We've been a long-time ShipStation user and have it tied into our BigCommerce site.  We're in the process of setting up a second store on BigCommerce and they just confirmed that we'll need a separate account/store to do this as the product lines are different.


However, everything is going to be physically in the same space and, for convenience - and maybe our sanity - we'd really like to use the same ShipStation account and tie it into both stores. This way we have one system to check, can re-use the same label printer and billing will (hopefully) be easier.  But we're not sure if this is possible and we're hoping that someone in the Community might know or can point us in the right direction.


(We did email support and got a quick response but they unfortunately misunderstood the question and haven't replied to our follow-up all week).







You should be able to connect multiple BigCommerce stores to ShipStation. Thought there may be a few things you need to do to ensure the best experience. 


1. When you connect the 2nd store, make sure you edit the store name in ShipStation so you can clearly differentiate between them. 


2. There was an issue awhile back with adding a 2nd BC store and the solution was to put your browser into Incognito mode when connecting the 2nd store and then uninstall and reinstall the ShipStation plugin to your BC account during the process. However, I haven't confirmed if this is still an issue or if it was resolved. But, I will do some additional research and let you know. 

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx