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Creating Rules from Variations and/or Creating Custom Plugins for a Fee


One of our stores is WooCommerce/WP Engine. We're bringing in variation and/or custom fields for an item within the order (see attached screenshot) and would like to be able to identify those fields, specifically the "embroidery" field, and be able to make a rule based on those fields. Essentially either tag those orders, or assign them to a specific user. We've worked with other 3P software companies who were able to create custom plugins based around certain needs within WooCommerce and custom products. We have and are willing to pay a fee to have these custom plugins written (anywhere from $500 - $1500 in our experience, based on the scope of work). Although it would be great if this could be a standard feature in ShipStation, we are more than willing to pay to have this functionality implemented. I think that many ShipStation users would benefit from this functionality. 


Occasional Contributor

We would love to have a similar feature, if we could apply automation rules based on item options it would be very useful for us.