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Ebay tax on sales information incorrect... anybody found a good workaround ???

New Contributor

So im new to SS and just trying to get everything set correctly and seem to have an issue with ebay 

and specifically the amount of tax on ebay sales not coming through to SS.

This i understand is due to ebay only including tax figures for international sales not domestic.


So how do you other sellers make the edited packing slip / invoice fudge thing work ( still trying to get my head around why SS dont have proper invoice templates ?)

Any ideas or solutions appreciated, regards Scott



New Contributor

Oh, just thought i would add, that all it would require is a mall calculation of  20% of  "Amaount Paid" = TAX

Which is how Channel grabber and Linnworks deal with this. But i cant add java or any calculation to Packingslip/invoice fudge.