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European Union VAT Paid on eBay - How to identify in Ship Station?


Question regarding the new European Union VAT requirements. I have a buyer on eBay who purchased several item that I am combining in shipment. eBay has collected VAT as the buyer is in  Italy and each item is under $150 euros.

In order details, eBay provides confirmation that VAT was paid in the following format:

Tax Details: VAT Paid: IOSS ID: IM (followed by 10 digit number)

Where can I input this IOSS ID in ship station to ensure that the buyer is not charged VAT / Tax twice? Or is this automatically associated as my Ship Station account is linked with eBay?

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Howdy @Mike2416


Thanks so much for looking to the community for these answers! We are thrilled to have you join us! 


To input that VAT/IOSS ID information, you can either do so directly on an order via the "other shipping options" section, or alternatively you can set them account wide to be used in perpetuity via the "International Settings" section of your shipping settings. 


You can check out our article about ShipStation International Settings options here.


I hope this helps! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

This is VAT code is unique to the sale and the buyer, not the seller!!!  It has to go into the buyer's address to be picked up by customs.