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Fulfilled orders showing as 'awaiting shipment'

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I have some orders that I fulfil myself via local delivery or customer collection.


When these are complete they're marked as fulfilled in Shopify, but when looking at my orders in Shipstation they're still showing as 'awaiting shipment'. Of course I could go through these and manually remove them, but it kind of defeats the objective. Is there a large delay or am I doing something wrong? I've refreshed the list of the store and few times now but they're still sat there. 


Should ShipStation be removing these from 'awaiting shipment' once the order is marked as fulfilled on Shopify? 




Hey @Blakovic


Thank you for joining us in the community! We are very excited to have you with us! 


For those orders that are fulfilled via local delivery or customer collection, ShipStation is often not sent that update as the refresh date for the store is far enough in the past that we are no longer pulling orders from that many days back. 


With that in mind, if you were to update ShipStation manually initially, instead of Shopify first, ShipStation would certainly be able to update back to Shopify so that the order status and information would be uniform across both platforms. You can click here to learn all about marking orders as shipped in case you want to learn more about that potential solution. 


I hope this helps! 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

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We have a batch of recent orders that we fulfilled in Shopify but are still listed as "awaiting shipment" in ShipStation.


We integrated our ShipStation and Shopify accounts before these orders were received. 


The orders were all captured and fulfilled in Shopify between 11/9/21 - 11/20/21. They are all marked in Shopify as "archived" and "fulfilled" but still listed as "awaiting shipment" in ShipStation. 


I've read through the relevant material on here I could find but can't find a solution.


Please help.