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Tracking data not uploading to eBay

Occasional Contributor

ShipStation has a known issue that for some customers tracking info is not uploading to eBay. You should immediately check the Awaiting Shipments tab in Manage Orders to see if you are affected. If you are, enter the tracking data immediately. You can do so by using the dropdown next to Purchase Shipping on the left of the records list.


I'm surprised that ShipStation has not notified users about the bug. As you know, timely uploading of shipping info is necessary to maintain the highest seller status. Losing the status will ost higher commissions and possibly reduce sales. To make matters worse, eBay algorithms can take months to restore the status even when all subsequent tracking is uploaded on time.


I requested during a support chat that ShipStation contact eBay to explain the problem and advocate for eBay to waive these violations to prevent the higher fees and loss of sales. The support person would not even acknowledge the request.


If eBay doesn't waive the violations, ShipStation should be responsible for the lost income. Let me know if you agree.