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Tracking for 1st class? (ESE?)


Wish ShipStation would let me test, but I think the last time I tested a first class shipment on ShipStation it only told me after purchase they can't refund 1st class even though it's an unused label!

I ship items like sports cards and tiny rubber pieces under 0.25" thick. I hate using eBay for eBay standard envelope (ESE) because I don't believe it lets you pay with a credit card (I want those points!), but the downside is I do not believe you can print ESE anywhere else(?). Is there an alternative option besides USPS Ground Advantage that includes tracking? 

Maybe first class thick package, etc? It just seems there has to be a way because I've bought sports cards from sellers who are able to print labels that do not say ESE and DO have tracking! Shipstation gives us labels that say "stamps/endicia," but this seller (was years ago) said Pitney Bowes I believe. Not sure what companies get those labels?




Hello, @magnetic430!


Thank you for the excellent idea! Your feedback is invaluable to us, so keep it coming.


Happy Shipping!