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Integrating ShipStation and Shopify to import some store products and not all



We are a non-profit running a small Shopify store to sell products from a variety of sources for fundraising.

We are going to be offering a number of items in our store, to be supplied by an online seller who already uses ShipStation to run his own ecommerce store.

The integration of Shopify to our suppliers ShipStation looks remarkably painless but we are wondering if we can restrict the actual products that are downloaded to our new supplier. He does not want to receive details of all orders, only the orders for the products he supplies.

We'd be very grateful for any advice on this if you were to have time please.

Many thanks.




Hey there @EBrown


To my knowledge we do not currently have a way to block other products from importing alongside the intended products if they are on an order together. 


With that in mind, I would be very eager to hear any community member's advice on how they have achieved such a task! Looking forward to seeing what kind of creativity this community came up with! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!