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Re: ShipStation Improvements and Bug Fixes (Sept 6 - Sep 17)


Bug with shipsurance integration / woocommerce combining orders - and bad support.

There have been a number of buggy behaviors I have just put up with through the years because of the hassle of dealing with nonhelpful support assistants.  Support assistants have lacked understanding or do not read through the documentation I send and it just frustrates me to no end to have to re-explain everything over and it costs me more of my time and thus money than it is worth. The process to even submit a ticket these days is quite impossible as they make you go through all the hoops first and many times are thrown in a circle you can't escape. I have a ticket in on a UPS overcharge and it appears you have no process to submit such a ticket. Support of course does not read my message and says I can submit a ticket for a missing delivery which is not my issue. when I emailed a response to my ticket it was not responded to and my issue was marked resolved. I had to go back into tickets to tell them to read my message again and provide a proper resolution. 


I will leave this note here and maybe someone will decide if it is an issue worth looking into. 


Shipsurance integrations have long seemed to have issues. On occasion, I am asked in the shipping process to replenish funds in my account for shipsurance (and at the same time). A pop-up window appears asking me to add funds. If you click to add funds the pop-up bottom does not go away and it acts as though the funds were not received or the button was not hit however you do get charged in the background. If you click add funds again it will charge you again in the background. I have to manually close the pop-up window then try shipping my item again and it goes through. I can verify I get charged by going to look at my account activity. In short, when you add funds you need to have the pop-up go away and push the shipment through. If it helps I use a current version of chrome.


Issue two - Woocommerce integration - When combining multiple orders into one shipment it no longer properly adds both invoices together and the total is off on the invoice that prints for the shipment The issue appears to be related to the shipping charges from each separate order not being combined.