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Shopify: Possible to split single Item into multiple Orders?


Original post by user Katrina Santos


We would like to sell product "bundles" in Shopify. Each bundle would have its own SKU, with the quantities + SKUs of the bundled items included as line item properties.


Currently, when the order gets into ShipStation, the bundle appears as one Item with the line item properties below, as expected.


The problem is that we need some of these items to be sent from different warehouses. Because the bundle is a single SKU and the items contained within are basically just text, I don't see a way to do this apart from manually creating new orders whenever a bundle order comes in.


Is there any script I could write for this, or maybe some middleware we could use? The bundle MUST have its own SKU in Shopify, since that's the only way we can allow coupon codes with a bundle purchase (Shopify doesn't allow multiple discounts per order, so applying a discount based on the item combination prevents a coupon from being used at the same time)



Did you find a solution to this?  We are having a very similar issue on our store.  We need Shopify to split the Bundles into individual products, but as soon as it comes on to Shipstation, the packing slip is extremely confusing for the picker. 

Occasional Contributor

No have not had anything else in relation to this, never heard any replies in the 2 years since asking for this. 


Using the Simple Bundles app on Shopify to funnel in bundle contents and it's working well so far.