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Update Order API


I'm would like to update the internalNotes field of an existing orders with our shipping cost (Status = awaiting_shipment) before I complete the Marked Ship API.


I sent the API with the Order Number, OrderId and OrderKey (along with all the other required header fields) and I get the error below.  We validated that the OrderId exists, so we aren't sure why we are getting this message.  At first I was getting an 400 error because I didn't have all the required fields, so I added them.  I am confused by the note "This call does not currently support partial updates; the entire resource must be provided in the body of the request".  I added all the required fields to get the 200 status code, but now it can't find the ORderID.


Anyone have this issue?


"status_code": 200,

"errorMessage": "Order 1004529220 not found. If you are attempting to create a new order please omit the orderId and try again."