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Walmart error

Frequent Contributor

always get

An error occurred attempting to update orders: The remote server returned an error: (520) Unknown


only Walmart is there anyway to fix this  


Hey there @ozie27280,


Thanks for taking the time to post about this Walmart behavior you are running into. Having this knowledge in the community on hand will be tremendously helpful. 


This error message, (remote server - (520) Unknown) is an error in the Walmart Connection side of the integration. Very often these are resolved by either Walmart directly (most likely) or by reconfiguring the Walmart - ShipStation integration from your store settings area.


If you reconfigure the connection, and continue to see this behavior, I would recommend checking in with our Support Team to see if others are also getting this message and its widespread, or to otherwise continue a more direct troubleshooting investigation. 


I hope this helps! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

ty  i open cases with Walmart about this before the never fix it i guess ill just have to wait  till they get soemone to fix it 

I've been dealing with all different error in regards to importing Walmart orders. It is a huge disaster especially because ship station phone lines are not being picked up. I must have opened five tickets over the past month without any resolution. Multiple of these tickets have been escalated to senior support still without any resolution.

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yep same Walmart doesn't do anything besides close the ticket i open  

New Contributor

Dealing with the same issue for weeks and having to manually import and export all orders. Please help if anyone has found any solution....