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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
When I hand deliver or the customer picks up and I manually mark it as shipped, it requires me to select a carrier, so can you make a carrier in the drop-down that is "picked up" and does not request a tracking number to be put in and maybe make another carrier that is "hand-delivered" or "self-delivered" and also does not require a tracking number?
First-timer (legacy)
I'd like a slight modification to this request as well. We have a lot of Will Call orders, but we don't print packing slips. I would like to be able to import the order like all my other orders via the API, with a special service/carrier/flag that says the item is Will Call/Local Pickup and be able to "Create" a label for it, that is just a carrier-less/tracking-less label. Creating that label will mark it shipped just like any other label. This way we don't need to change our entire flow just to handle Will Call items, but the label still needs to go on the package/order in the store.
First-timer (legacy)
We're a high-volume printer that ships 100+ packages a day. Having the ability to add local carriers is an essential part of our shipping process. We'd LOVE to see this option added.
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Hey guys, I'd just like to add on that we do a lot of customer pick up orders here, and I'd really like an easier way to keep these shipments within the ShipStation workflow. "Custom Shipping Method" just printing a label with the customer information and order number would be enough for me. I don't need anything super fancy, but I understand where the other users are coming from. For my +1, I'd like a way of marking that "Custom Shipping Method" as being actually picked up, but I think I can handle that internally. James
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This should probably be combined with those of us asking for a custom shipping service for these things. I'm in agreement with the OP here. We do a lot of in store pickups as well. The problem is that when you look at the order looking up history, it tends to show up as "No Prior Shipments" if it was "Marked as Shipped" which is confusing to the user.
First-timer (legacy)
How is this still not being handled after 5 years and lots of votes? I'll add my voice to the mix. Local delivery and pickup is incredibly common. We need to be able to print labels with name and address but not connected to a carrier. I would say this should be considered a basic function and a pretty big shortcoming of ShipStation.
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Yes, this creates a whole lot of issues having to have a second, entirely different workflow for these orders. It's a pain in the buttocks to use Tags to achieve this. It's doable, and we do it, it just royally sucks.
First-timer (legacy)
That's a pretty sad workaround. My staff don't worry about tags when they go to ship an order. They merely go to choose the cheapest shipping method possible when they notice that the shipping method seems to be missing. Having In-Store Pickup as a mapped option and also trying to prevent/warn a staff member when they accidentally try to ship an order that's for pickup has already happened numerous times to us, ******* off customers, incurring unnecessary shipping costs, and even in one case the expensive package went missing with the USPS causing a whole fiasco. In-Store Pickup should be able to be mapped as a shipping method. Period. Any silly workaround is just not acceptable for something so fundamental to order fulfillment. You guys should fix this ASAP. I can't imagine it would be hard, and there are no doubt countless users who would appreciate this.
First-timer (legacy)
This feature would be great. I would simply suggest that there is an option to create our own carriers on the carriers list. Like "Local Delivery" or "Will Call". It is really that simple. It would be helpful to be able to manually manage the details status of the delivery by setting it to "Awaiting Pickup", "In-transit", or "Delivered". The key would be managing these types of "shipments" through the same steps as the other carriers in Shipstation (unlike the solution suggested above). The workaround suggested above keeps orders that have been marked "shipped" by carrier "other" in a sort of limbo. All orders, whether delivered by a major carrier or a local delivery person, should be viewable and managed in one place. That is how business works in the real world, and ShipStation should reflect that.
First-timer (legacy)
hello, yes please we need this as well. i have already contacted SS support about this. im glad we are not the only ones.
This seems like basic, core functionality. You should really provide a way to print a basic from/to mailing label with a choice of "other" for the carrier. You may not be aware of this, but you are not currently partnering with EVERY SINGLE carrier and delivery method that companies use to get their product to their customer. Yet many companies have made SS a core part of their order processing workflow. The inability to handle some percentage of orders for companies that use carriers and methods you don't support is a flaw in your service that could be easily remedied by simply providing an "other" carrier and letting us print a generic label. It's pretty hard to believe that this issue has been sitting in here un-addressed for (at this point) over five years.