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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
When I hand deliver or the customer picks up and I manually mark it as shipped, it requires me to select a carrier, so can you make a carrier in the drop-down that is "picked up" and does not request a tracking number to be put in and maybe make another carrier that is "hand-delivered" or "self-delivered" and also does not require a tracking number?
This would be an outstanding feature! Yes Please...
First-timer (legacy)
At this point in time, this particular suggestion has 365 votes, not including mine.
First-timer (legacy)
We have been delivering locally for quite some time. I agree that a Local Delivery option is needed BUT we would like a bar code function be added to the packing slip that would allow our delivery driver to scan and have the order marked as delivered vs having to manually mark it delivered. He has a ton of deliveries to make, many times in restricted areas, and isn't the most tech savvy. When we have customers asking if something has been delivered, we have to trust he has filed the delivery sheets at the end of his day, and are essentially blind to helping our customer, especially real time. By allowing him to make his deliveries and scan his packing list to mark this order shipped would provide so much more exposure for other team members to better provide customer service to our clients as deliveries are occuring.
First-timer (legacy)
This is urgently necessary option. For local delivery, we should be able to create a custom label that we can slap on the package so the drivers know what package belongs to who. We have to manually upload the list of orders to NiceLabel so that we can create shipping labels, and then manually update Shipstation and manually update Shopify. Error prone and inefficient flow.
First-timer (legacy)
this needs to happen ASAP
First-timer (legacy)
We urgently need a local delivery carrier option, as well as a pick-up option
New Contributor
This is a must, just launching Ship Station and might not move forward without this enhancement. I asked specifically when chatting on your website, was assured there was a solution.
First-timer (legacy)
So this is obviously not an important feature to them. I have a local courier who will deliver my packages for 1/2 the price of Canada Post which is 50% of all my orders. Will save me about $50,000 a year. We've even been in contact with you, told 6-8 months out yet to adding new couriers, how is that possible, you only have about 10 now. Please, can we look at this.
First-timer (legacy)
Need this feature asap! Otherwise they sit in queue.
Status changed to: Investigating