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Status: Completed
We ship mostly with USPS first class and use light poly envelopes to ship items out which weigh .5oz-2oz. ShipStation allows you to have products to the tenth decimal, but when we use the automation features to add the dunnage factor of a .3oz envelope, we can only do whole numbers. This actually does make a difference in high volume/low profit businesses where a bump in first class price can make all the difference.
Definitely needed!
First-timer (legacy)
we need this badly - sad that 3 years later it isn't in place still
First-timer (legacy)
We have products that are an oz and others that are half an oz. Having 10 half oz products in one package can really effect cost.
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OK... I've been with Shipstation for 4 hours and every time I hit a roadblock setting things up I find one of these threads that's years old full of people requesting simple, vital features. Why isn't anything being done about this? Luckily I'm not that invested and am still exploring shipping options but **** this software is so close to awesome if they would just listen to their customers.
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Has this been fixed yet? This needs to be implemented.
Status changed to: Under Review
Status changed to: Completed

In our latest updates, we have resolved this issue and we should now be able to utilize decimal points in our Automation rules moving forward! 

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Was this update for the old version of shipstation?

I get an error when I try and input 0.5 oz. "There are required fields or actions that need to be completed before saving. Please fill out the required field or action type."

Automation weight decimal.png

Hey there! 


Thanks for providing this screenshot and information.


This is a report that our team has been made aware of. We are actively looking into this behavior you are describing, but I do not yet have an ETA to provide. I know we are lookin into this though 🙂 

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We need it a lot too, for the same reasons and with the same problems, it can save substantial time and money for us. Please finish it. 🙏